Prof. Ankur Jauhari

I believe my role as an educator is to guide and nurture the next generation to establish skills to achieve health, respect, prosperity and fulfillment.

I am passionate about students being empowered to succeed. I use all tools available to inspire staff, students and community to work together to promote student achievement and well-being.

I am an avid supporter of effective and innovative professional development that encourages teachers to be reflective and to continuously examine our practice to provide quality teaching. My role is to keep up with latest trends and research and be an active partner in the Institution’s professional development.

“Teachers should build classroom climates where errors are welcome, student engagement is the norm, questioning is high and students gain reputations as effective learners.”

I enjoy celebrating successes and acknowledge hard work of staff, students and community and believe this is one of the contributors fundamental to a happy Institutional environment. All staff, students and community should feel valued and appreciated at Institution. Community engagement and involvement in the institution is important to me. I regularly consult with my community as part of College self review and encourage community engagement in the curriculum and learning programmers.